Walk Royale

Being plus sized people all of our lives, we had experience with all of the issues that come with it. From the early years of having to shop in the Husky section, to having limited styles and looks.  We get it.  With that in mind, we decided to do something about it!

We are the conglomerate company of: Rentabigman & Kurvy Kitten clothing lines. We provide high quality apparel with specialization in plus sized clothing. Our sizes go up to 4XL on average, some items go up 6XL.

Our philosophy
We are all Kings and Queens. Be that daily.
Goals & values
  1. Provide quality products at affordable prices.

  2. Empower our customers to feel great at any size and pay-theawesome-forward.

  3. Provide exceptional customer service in both our online and physical sales.

Our brands
Kurvy Kitten
Kurvy Kitten